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Cute Stationery, Notebook

Bus Pencil case

SKU No: BPencase01

Assorted colours of “Bus” Pencil case.

Price: $4.00

New Stationery Set Bag

SKU No: STBagSet 

Stationery Set comes in a zipper Bag with handle (2 pencils, 1 notebook, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 Fun creative ruler). 

Price: $2.20

Assorted pencils with erasers

SKU No: Pen-Eras01

Assorted designs of cute erasers comes with colorful pencils.

Price: $0.90

"Apple" Watch eraser

SKU No: HP-eraser-02

Cute erasers to be used and can be worn on wrist. 

Price: $2.20

Stationery set 7-in-1

SKU No: ST7-1 bag

Stationery set comes in a set of 7 items.

Price: $2.00  NOW: $1.50

Colourful stackable pencils

SKU No: Col-Pencils

Colourful stackable pencils for plug and play

Price: $1.20

Magical Changing pens (Diamond)

SKU No: ColPen-New

Magical Changing Pens with lovely “diamond” head

Price: $1.20

Mini Notepad

SKU No: SNotebk02

Assorted cute designs of mini notepad

Price: $1.20

Assorted cute design pencils

SKU No: Pen-Eras02

Comes with animals and other designs at the tip of pencils. 

Price: $0.90

New A4 file

SKU No: NAF100

New batch of A4 file with assorted designs (My Melody, Little Stars, Spiderman, Cars, Princess Ariel, Snoopy, Paw Patrol).

Price: $2.80

A4 file

SKU No: A4F100

A4 file with only Cars, Minions and Spiderman design.

Price: $2.00

6 colours writing pen

SKU No: DPens01

Writing Pen with 6 different colours. 

Price: $1.90

Stick notepads

SKU No: Stick20

Small and compact cute designs of sticky notepads.

Price: $0.70

A5 Writing notebook

SKU No: FM-Nbk02

A5 Writing notebook with lines, assorted designs.

Price: $1.50

Mechanical Pencil set

SKU No: MPset01

Mechanical pencil sets with refillable lead (2B) 

Price: $3.50

Store Clearances Sales 

Macdonald sharpener

SKU No: S-MAC200

Cute KFC and Macdonald sharpener. Limited stocks of 4

Clearance Sales: $1.00

Pencil case

SKU No: PeCase01

Pencil case – big and roomy. 

Clearance Sales : $3.00 / $5.50

Magical Changing pens

SKU No: ColPen-1

Limited stocks for this type  

Clearance Sales : $1.00

Cute Paris erasers

SKU No: ASEr300

Colourful Paris design eraser 

Clearance Sales : $2.00

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