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Purse, Recycled Bags, Masks and Others

Mask Cover Box

SKU No: MaskC01

Mask Cover with assorted design. Hygiene and Convenient. It comes with 3 types of Printed design, non-Printed design with 3 different colours.

Price: $4.00 (Printed), $3.50 (Plain)

Flammingo purse

SKU No: Flampurse

Lovely and compact flamingo purse with assorted colours. Size is 9cm by 10cm.

Price: $3.80

All in one purse

SKU No: Purse200

All in one purse for cards, coins, Dollars, Keys with assorted design. 

Price: $5.00

Recycled Bag - Big

SKU No: Rebag2

Assorted designs of cute recycled bags, Big and roomy 

Price: $5.00

Long All Multi-purpose purse

SKU No: Ncardp02

Long all Multi-Purpose Purse, can store Handphone, Cards, Coins and Dollar Notes. Size is 20.5cm by 11.5cm.

Price: $5.00

Card purse

SKU No: Ncardp01

Compact size of Card purse, suitable to store coins and card. Size is 10cm by 10cm.

Price: $5.00

Classic Rhinestone Gem Flower Choker

SKU No: C-800

Classic choker comes with combination of gems, pearls and crystals.

Price: $7.50

Trendy Candy Choker

SKU No: E-HK402

Lovely Trendy Classic Candy necklace. Beige white colour.

Price: $7.50

Store Clearances Sales 

Vintage Bib Choker

SKU No: C-810

Black and mix colourful Classic Vintage Geometry Choker

Clearance Sales: $8.50

Flower Choker with crystals

SKU No: LC400

Assorted colors flower shaped choker. 

Clearance Sales : $7.50

Crystal Collar Choker

SKU No: LC300

Elegant Crystal Collar choker. Black, grey and white. 

Clearance Sales : $7.50

Black flower pearl long necklace

SKU No: LNB002

Black flower with pearls along with long necklace. Elegant. Left last piece.

Clearance Sales : $7.50

Big Bag - Disney Minnie

SKU No: MKBag-01

Black Shoulder bag with nice Minnie Mouse, big and roomy. Last piece

Clearance Sales : $20.00

Tote Bag disney

SKU No: Bag-CY01

Hand carry Pink Tote Bag with Disney. 

Clearance Sales: $10.00

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