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Educational books – “Why” reasons

Interesting and informative books about reasons “why”, encourages the children to gain more knowledge. Bright and colorful pictures attracts the attention of the children. Consists of 32 pages with pictures and explanation. Comes with various titles.

Book titles are:

  • There’s a Hole in the Sky
  • Kangaroos Have Pouches
  • Penguins Can’t Fly
  • Pyramids Were Built
  • The Sea is Salty
  • Stars Twinkle
  • The Sun Rises
  • Triceratops had Horns
  • Volcanoes Blow Their Tops
  • The Wind Blows
  • Zips have Teeth
  • Tunnels Are Round
  • Camels have Humps
  • Snakes Shed their SkinsĀ 
  • Spiders Spin Webs
  • Soap Makes Bubbles
  • Romans Wore Togas
  • Greeks Built Temples
  • Planes Have Wings
  • Leaves Change Colour
  • I Sleep
  • Columbus Crossed The Ocean
  • Caterpillars Eat so much
  • Castles have Moats

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