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DIY Craft Toys and Puzzles


SKU No: Magnet

A box of magnets comes with different types of magnet shapes and sizes (includes a mini car), with compass and magnet powder. Note: Be careful with the magnet powder (recommended above 5 years old)

Price: $3.20

Maze Toy

SKU No: Sqmaze-01

Maze Ball Toy – Fun for kids to track the ball as it runs to find the exit.

Price: $1.20

Chess Game

SKU No: Chess-01

Back to old school games. There are 2 types of Chess. Small and compact to bring along.

Price: $2.00

Star Lights

SKU No: Slights

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars shining up the dark sky with beautiful lights.

Price: $2.50

DIY Self Assembly Toy

SKU No: DIY-CircleT

Mini Sealed Bag with Instruction guide to show some sample designs. A Creative, fun and innovative toy to build different shapes and designs.

Price: $3.40

Writing Boards

SKU No: Wboard

Mini Board for kids to use as a material for learning while out from home. Bundle with marker pen and duster.

Price: $2.50

Pinball Toys

SKU No: PinballT-01

Maze There are 2 parts (Bottom part is the mini maze, whereas the top part is the pinball maze)

Price: $2.50

DIY 3D Playhouse Toy

SKU No: PlayH200

Self Assembly DIY Toy enables your child to be more creative and innovative with their motor skills. There are more than 10 designs.

Price: $4.00

Saving "House" Wooden

SKU No: SavingBk-Zoo

Wooden block of different cute animal designs of a “Saving your money in their house”. Popular item to catch them now!

Price: $3.80

40 pieces Puzzles

SKU No: Puzzle40A

A4 size puzzles comes with 40 pieces. Many designs to choose from.

Price: $2.40

Wristband with lights

SKU No: SHB200 (button or switch)

Wristband with lights to be wear on the wrist. Is adjustable and comes with multiple designs.

Price: $2.00

Mini Puzzles - New

SKU No: PuzzleMini

Mini Assorted designs of 12 pieces of puzzles. Small and compact to bring it out to play. Many designs available.

Price: $1.80


SKU No: Lan01

Assorted designs of lanyard to store student card, comes with a long string.

Price: $2.00

DIY Windmill

SKU No: DIYWind10

A4 Self assembly DIY Windmill with foam material. Comes with 4 different designs.

Price: $2.00

Flashlight Rings


Ring with flashlights can be switch “on” and “off” at the side of the ring. Fun to wear with lights on.

Price: $1.20

DIY 3D Mosaic

SKU No: CPuzzle01

Comes with 3D Mosaic work with “diamond” stickers. Multiple designs.

Price: $2.00

Store Clearances Sales 

60 pieces Puzzles - box

SKU No: TinP60

60 pieces puzzles in a Tin box. Convenient to bring out. Limited stocks – only 1 left.

Clearance Sales : $6.00 

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