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We have 5 different Categories of Products, group by DIY Craft Puzzles and Toys”, Stationery and Notebook”,  “Colouring book and Stickers”, and etc.

You may choose items by their SKU No. and the design. Wrapping can be done in a form of simple wrapping OR beautiful customized wrapping with Tags.

Themes can be customized with names and messages in a form of Tag, Invitation cards, stickers, snacks wrapper and packages, as well. 

Shop Categories

DIY Craft Toys and Puzzles



Stationery and Notebook

Educational Books

Colouring book and Stickers

Purses, Recycled bags and Others

Featured products

Educational Books – Reasons “Why” 

Informative books about “Why” encourages the children gain more knowledge. There are 10 different titles. 

Activity, Colouring & Sticker Book (ABC)

An Activity book on writing ABC with colouring pages and 2 pages of stickers. 

Writing board Toy 

Educational Toy to keep your kids occupied as a teaching material. It comes with a pen marker and duster. 

Recycled Bag – Large

Save the world with lovely and cute designs of Recycled Bags. 

Wrapping with customized theme (Party Gift packs)

Customized theme for Party favors, Party Gift Packs

Items can be selected from the “Product Categories” and can be wrapped with customized theme with messages (choose your favourite character or general theme). Snacks are another separate item which can be considered too.

Customized theme can be in a form of Party Gift Packs, Tags, Stickers, Invitation Cards, Snacks wrapper and packages accordingly to your preferred theme for any occasions (Birthdays, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Halloween, Christmas Day, and even Corporate or Wedding events). 


Customized theme for Snacks wrapper, Tags, Invitation Cards, Stickers

We do customized theme for Snacks (Kit Kats, Hello Panda, Lollipop Tag), Chocolate Bars, Food “Toppers”, Gift Tags, Stickers, Invitation Cards, etc.

If you have any preferred items to do up for Party favors or even Wedding events, please kindly contact us via email mumnchild2@gmail.com” or WhatsApp 96917376 for more discussion. 


If you have any questions, please kindly email to mumnchild2@gmail.com Or WhatsApp +65 96917376 for more discussion. Alternatively, you may choose to fill up the form and we shall get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you! : ) 

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