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Healthy Eating for Kids

Happy….Recently, i had attended a talk held by Health Promotion Board about healthy eating for Kids. It has awakened and reminded me to cook healthy food for my children as there have been a rise of diseases such as heart attack, cancer, etc. In fact, i find that this talk does not just apply for children as this really covers generally to all ages of people.

Does anyone of you still remember about the Healthy Diet Pyramid Diagram? Actually, i have forgotten all about it although i know that fruits and vegetables have to be placed in the same category but do not know about the portion to be taken for each day. Even since that talk, i have realized that the portion given to my children are either too little or too much.

Let’s take a look at this healthy diet pyramid diagram again.


Not everyone can provide all the nutrients he needs, so make sure that your child consumes a variety of food from the 4 food groups:

  • Rice and alternatives
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Meat and alternatives
  • Fats, oils, sugar and salt

Remember that food high in fat, sugar and salt should only be eaten sparingly.

This table shows different age group of children having different portion of servings per day.

Food Groups Recommended number of servings^ per day
6 months (181 days) – 12 months 1-2 years 3-6 years 7-12 years 13-18 years
Rice and Alternatives
(Do include the recommended whole-grain serving as part of the Rice and Alternatives serving needs.)
1-2 2-3½ – 1 3-41 – 2 5-62 – 3 6-72 – 3
Fruit ½ ½ – 1 1 2 2
Vegetables ½ ½ 1 2 2
Meat and Alternatives ½ ½ 1 2 2
(Do include the recommended milk serving in addition to the Meat and Alternatives serving needs.)
750ml 750ml 500ml 250-500ml 250-500ml

An example of one serving

Keys of Healthy Eating program:

  • Develop Healthy Habits
  • Mind the Fat
  • Get enough Fruits and Vegetables
  • Introduce Wholegrains
  • Bone up on calcium
  • Reduce Salt and Sugar Intake

At the end of the talk, there is a free sampling of snacks preparation. This is the most fun and interesting part, which i have wanted to share with all parents.

There are basically 2 healthy snacks recipes for kids aged 3 – 6 years old.

1) Yoghurt Parfait


1. Plain Yoghurt (refer to photo 1)*

2. Cereal (refer to photo 2)*

3. Fresh Fruit (Cut into small cubes)

*Choose products with the Healthier Choice Symbol


1. Give the child a cup/bowl

2. Guide them to layer their cup/bowl with yoghurt, cereal and fruits.


1. Consider involving your child in the selection of fruits

2. Provide options of different coloured fruits (for example banana, strawberry, kiwi) to make it more appealing to your child.

Healthy eating - blog




To my surprise, my children really like this snack especially the cheerios. It taste really great to mix the cheerios, fruits and the yoghurt together. The yoghurt taste really great, it is smooth and natural. In fact, i used to buy yoplait yoghurt (small cup) for my children when they are young but they don’t really like it as it is really sweet. However, this plain yoghurt does not tastes so sweet and it is delicious just like ice-cream. So, i strongly recommend this choice of snacks for the children.

2) Wholemeal Sandwich

Wholemeal - BlogIngredients

1. Wholemeal bread*

2. Canned Tuna*

3. Cheese*

4. Cucumber

5. Lettuce (Optional, or to be served as sides)

6. Tomates (Optional, or to be served as sides)

7. Reduced fat mayonnaise (Optional)

8. Pepper (Optional)

*Choose products with the Healthier Choice Symbol


1.Cut the wholemeal bread into desired shape using cookie cutters
2.Place all the ingredients in between two slices of wholemeal bread

and it is ready to eat!


Offer your child different shapes of cookie cutter and allow them to cut the bread and doll up their sandwiches

Well.. not everyone like wholemeal bread. However, it is still important to train the children to eat healthy food since young. During the sampling process, i tried the wholemeal and quite surprise to know that the texture of the bread is quite soft. As mentioned by the speaker, white bread is not very healthy as a lot of nutrients are lost in it. 

White bread is made from refined grains, which are low in magnesium, zinc, vitamin E, fiber and essential fatty acids. Even though some manufacturers add vitamins back in, natural whole grains are still a superior choice.

So, let’s start a healthy lifestyle to kick start with the above snacks…

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