Christmas Gifts and Ideas




1)  Christmas pens (no lights)


Assorted designs (random selection)

SKU No: ChPen201

Sale Price: S$ 1.00 each


2) Christmas Pens (with lights)



Assorted Designs: Only left with Snowman (left with 17)

SKU No: ChPen201-lights

Clearance Price: S$ 1.20 each


3)  Christmas Handband with lights (Button with Clip)







SKU No: C-SHB200 (Random designs)

Price: S$ 2.00 each


4)    Christmas Handband with lights (“Tap and Roll”)





SKU No: C-SHB300 (Reindeer-Green, Santa –red, Bear-Blue, Snowman-Pink)

Price: S$ 2.00 each



5) Assorted Christmas Stickers

SKU No: C-Stickers

Price: S$ 0.80 each


6)    Assorted Christmas Boxes for snacks

SKU No: CBox01

Clearance Sales Box Price: S$ 0.70 each

Can put snacks like M&M chocolates, candies, chocolates, and even wristband - lights.

(Note: you may contact us for the list of snacks)


7) Christmas pen (Candy Cane & mix)




SKU No: CandyP-300

Note: Only have design 3 to 5.

Clearance Sales Price: $0.80


8) DIY Christmas Tree – Fix and Decorate your own





SKU No: DIY-Ctree

Note: Can colour (your own colour pencils) the pictures on the trees and decorate the shinning glitters using glue on it. Fix it easily.

Points to take before fixing:

1) The bells are to go through the string (colourful) for hanging.

2) The shinning glitters are stick on the Christmas tree using your own glue. Please check at the picture to fix the Christmas tree.

3) Mini instructions will be given.

Clearance Sales Price: S$ 2.80 each


9) Christmas Pencils with erasers

SKU No: ChrisPenE

Note: Items will be random selection

Price: S$ 0.80 each


10) Christmas Snacks wrapper


Note: This is snack wrapper for M&M chocolates triangle pack. Only comes with 1 M&M pack.

All sides are designed with Christmas pictures and 1 side can be customized for your message greetings.

Price: S$ 2.20 each (inclusive of M&M chocolate triangle pack, wrapping and ribbon)


Can also do snacks wrapper for Kit Kat, Hello Panda, snacks packages too.

Contact us for more information (whatsapp to 96917376)


11) Christmas Puzzles – 40 pieces (A4 size)


SKU No: Puzzle40A

Design: Minions, Mickey Minnie, Snow White

Price: S$ 2.40 each


Note: For bulk orders, please inform earlier to avoid disappointment.


There are more Christmas ideas for Adults too...

1)   Recycled Disney – Big Bags


SKU No: Rebag2

Design: Pink Melody, Black Melody, Duffy, Rilakumma, Little Star (Pink)

Price: $5.40


2)  All in one Card/Coin Purse


Note: Can customized accordingly to Christmas theme.

For more designs, go to “Mum’s Store”.


To order, please quote (SKU No., Designs/Colours) and email to